J18 Winners

Team Bog Hole

1st – Tony Ellery Blue Mountains and Bruce Mannix  Blue Mountains

2nd – Nathan Pearce Black Diamond and Tony Collins Black Diamond

No other teams completed

Hill Climb

1st – Bruce Mannix - Blue Mountains

2nd – Tony Ellery – Blue Mountains

3rd – TJ Arens – Triple Diamond

Night Mud Drags

1st Nathan Pearce – Black Diamond

2nd Robyn Melville – MacArthur

3rd Sean Livett – Sydney Jeep

FUNKANA - Ducks In a Pond

1st Nathan Pearce – Black Diamond

FUNKANA - It’s a Jumble Out there

1st Anthony Collins – Black Diamonds

FUNKANA - The Wet Lap

1st Stephen Patten – Bong Bong

FUNKANA - Ball and Bucket

1st Matt Gillan – Crossed Up

 FUNKANAOverall Funkana Winners

1st Darren Calleia & TJ Arens – Triple Diamonds - Driving Pajero

2nd Joanna Patten – Bong Bong - Driving Pajero

3rd Rob Knight – Lithgow – Driving Toyota

BMX RACES 6 – 10 years

1st Zac McClymont – Crossed Up

2nd Ruby Hartas – Blue Mountains

3rd Jett Smith – Clever Products Event Partner

BMX RACES 11- 15 Years

1st Adam Thorn – Black Diamond

2nd Mason Hartas – Blue Mountains

3rd Bo Cleary – RFI Sponsor

BMX RACES 16 years & Over

1st Adam Thorn – Black Diamond

2nd Shane McClymont – Crossed Up

3rd Rob Knight - Lithgow